Where do we ship and what about taxes?


Where do we ship and what about taxes?

We ship world wide. There are different rates depending where your product will be send. **Important some products can only ship in the Express category due to fragility or nature. For example many of the products in the art category and all of the products in the Food Category. Costa Rica has Free Trade agreements with 14 countries or .

Quiero tener mi producto en Paradise Products.

Hola gracias por su interes. Paradise Products es una marca y una empresa pensada en exponer, vender y colocar los productos de familias y emprendedores costarricenses en el mercado internacional. Sí usted, su empresa o familia cuenta con un producto que considera puede comercializarse en Paradise Products. Actualizado el 7/03/2016 Incluye info de participación para  Categoría Música y Categoria .

I want to establish a regular trade relationship.

We can offer that with a handful of our products. Please for more information and start a conversation you can contact us at the following directions. Vía Email at: gerardo.venb@gmail.com Facebook in our official facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/ParadiseproduCR/ or Skype at: gerardo.venb@outlook.com

I want more than one! Wholesale mode!

Our products are made by families, small business and sometimes by one single person. They are unique and extremely difficult to get if its not here. Some producers are able to provide and manage a stock. How ever that stock will rarely surpass the 30 unites (for non eatable products). But we can managed to afford wholesaler numbers and .