Belleza Silvestre

Belleza Silvestre in conform by five women. All mothers, wives and communal leaders from Barrio Los Angeles, Nandayure Guanacaste. Since 2010 they started creating beautiful and high quality jewelry by crafting wild seeds, many of them endemic and exclusive of our geographical region. (Don’t worry they don’t take all the seeds). And shaping them in to necklaces, earnings, bracelets and others. As a way to provide their families with an additional income.

Each design is original. That means that by purchasing one of their creations you are guaranty to have one in a life time original Costarrican seed jewelry based product.

In Belleza Silvestre really do want to give our costumers and buyers a unique product. We put all our love and dedication in every step of the process to present to you with a beautiful product. Our hope is to provide you with high quality jewelry. While giving you a little piece of this amazing land for you to flaunt your natural beauty.

Yours Sincerely.

Ana María Alvarado Salaz
Alexa Ramírez López
Etilma Sánchez Carranza
Ileana Villafuerte Madrigal
Mireya Alvarado Zuñiga