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Mocho Parties hard

On Wensday we went to San Ramón of Alajuela to see the saints party and dancing. As if they were allow came down from the heavens once a year. To experience the PURA VIDA. Festivities in honor of the Saint Patron of a town is something very common in Costa Rica. A well preserve heritage from the days of .

The parade of independence 2017

Last year we show you the Laterns Parade and a bit of the civic act in the Parque Nacional with the President of Costa Rica Luis Guillermo Solis. However we coundn’t cover the parade of the 15th of September. To see last year’s post click HERE . Regularly in history independence is won after a war, or a civil disobedience .

The History of San José

The history of San José. Continuing with our commitment to extend and expand the knowledge of the Costa Rica history, traditions and culture to other latitudes. This is our second entry in the series of “History of our Provinces.” Now it is the turn of San José our Capital city. You can enter HERE to read and learn about .

Cartago 3 days of Celebration.

During the first week of the month of August Cartago’s streets trive with people, activities and stories. The reason the festivities for the Virgen de los Ángeles or “la Negrita” as it is known by the ticos. During almost a week millions of pilgrims travel from all the corners of the country to pay a visit to the Saint .

Are you ready for La Romería?

August is near and with August comes one of the most beloved and attended traditions in Costa Rica. The Romería, each and every year almost two million people visit La Negrita de los Ángeles and avocation of the Virgin Mary and the saint Patron of Costa Rica. Learn more of the Romería and the story of La Negrita Here. .

Savegre World Biosphere UNESCO

Great news. The Watershed of Savegre’s River a natural reservoir of 312.914 hectares. Has been declared a World Biosphere. With Savegre Costa Rica has now four areas regarded as biospheres. This is however the first that has both land and maritime extensions. Under this declaration Costa Rica is responsible to keep the exceptional  characteristics that make of  Savagre a .

FIA 2017

The hype is real world! This 29 of June the FIA 2017 beggings. And we are all very excited about it.  From Thursday 29th and until the Sunday 9th of July. San José our capital city is going to host one of our most beloved traditions. Now fifteen years old the FIA is one of the tourism jewelrs of .

The History of Cartago

As part of our compromise to expand the knowledge of the history of Costa Rica. we are starting a series of entries on our provinces. Costa Rica has seven provinces. Each and every one fill with traditions, stories, history and people. Not to mention amazing places and natural beauties to visit. We decided to start with one that once .

Guaria Morada [Guarianthe Skinneri]

Continuing with our entries on Costa Rica’s National symbols. It is now time to talk about our national flower. For more info and our previous entries click here to read about our Flag and here to read about our national Bird. For its national flower Costa Rica choose and orchid. Orchids are a very beautiful plants easily recognizable by .